Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021: Who Is The Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021? Check More Details Here


Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021

The Visual Queen of Kpop 2021 is the poll conducted to declare Who Is The Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021. The fans and the followers can vote and select the Queen Of Kpop 2021. The Kpopl Idols have faced immense reach by expressing their singing talents worldwide. Korean Pop singers are followed by millions of people worldwide. The Kpop Girl Band is also prominent and Blackpink is one of the famous Kpop Girl Band. Are you eager to know Who Is The Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021? Jisoo from Blackpink is cherished as the Visual Queen Of Kpop Idol 2021. The following are the list of Kpop Idols who are nominated for Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021.

Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021

Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021
Ranking Kpop Idols
1 Jisoo
2 Lisa
3 Nancy
4 Tzuyu
5 Rose
6 Jennie
7 Jiyeon
8 Irene
9 Yiren
10 Winter
11 Sejeong
12 IU
13 Joy
14 Jeongyeon
15 Bae Suzy
16 YoonA
17 Yuna
18 Eunha
19 Krystal Jung
20 Seolhyun
21 Yujin
22 Heejin
23 Sana
24 Naeun
25 Wonyoung
26 Minjoo
27 Shuhua
28 Miyeon
29 Sakura
30 Gyuri
31 Jiwon
32 Yura
33 Jeon Somi
34 Arin
35 Cheng Xiao

These are the names of the Kpop Idols who were nominated for the polls and the table depicts the Kpop Idols in Hierarchy based on their votes.

Who Is The Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021?

Jisoo Is the Visual Queen Of Kpop 2021, she gets more votes when compared to others. Kim Ji-soo, better known as Jisoo, is a South Korean singer and actress. She made her debut in August 2016 as a member of the girl group Blackpink under YG Entertainment.


Source: Instagram

Jisoo is the phenomenal singer in Blackpink and she was followed by 41.8M followers on Instagram, she was voted and selected as the Visual Queen Of Kpop. She was followed for her phenomenal attitude and exceptional singing and dancing talent. Scroll down to view Jisoo Performing Video.

Kpop Visual Queen 2021

Jisoo is cherished as the Kpop Visual Queen Of 2021. The Kpop Visual Queen was selected on the basis of the votes gained by the Nominees of Visual Queen 2021.



Source: Instagram

Jisoo Performing Video

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