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Scarlet Nexus Musubi Code

Scarlet Nexus, sometimes known as SCARLET NEXUS, is a Japanese anime television series based on the same-named video game. Funimation has licensed the anime in North America, with the first two episodes releasing on YouTube on June 18 and 25, respectively. On July 1, 2021, it premiered on Japanese television, with Funimation simulcasting and making a simuldub. Scarlet Nexus has completed 1 season along with 12 episodes. There are many queries concerning the Scarlet nexus anime code. 

Scarlet Nexus Anime Wiki

Musubi takes pleasure in its reputation as a pleasant hangout, as the owner will tell you. Musubi is her name, as is the name of this futuristic restaurant. Musubi sends you a Brain Message inviting you to visit the restaurant during Phase 2. Her message also contains information about a freelance journalist acquaintance who has gone missing. During Standby Phases and leisure time between missions, players can visit Musubi via the World Map. It’s possible that certain characters’ bonding moments will take place there as well. So, why should you go to Musubi? Because of codes, to be precise. To tell her a code, speak to the masked, blue-suited Musubi at the front of the restaurant. Each code reveals an in-game prize. These perks are said to include everything from more profile information to special products.

Scarlet Nexus – Musubi Codes

In her text message, Musubi provides the first code as a freebie. To find more codes, gamers must watch the Scarlet Nexus anime. Each episode contains a code that players can use to reward Musubi. In her text message, Musubi gives away the first code for free. In order to find more codes, players must watch the Scarlet Nexus anime. Players can give Musubi a code for rewards after each episode.

What Are The Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes?

Code Source Reward
CODE Brain Message 1000 Currency
Such a liar Episode 1 Players receive the “Poster Vision [Yuito]” Visual item and unlock more of his profile in the Character Compendium.

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