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Sawan Somvar Vrat Katha: Know all about Sawan Ke Somvar Ki Vrat Katha in Hindi

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Sawan Somvar Vrat Katha

A long time ago, a moneylender lived in a city. There was no shortage of money at all in his house, but he had no children, due to which he was depressed. He used to fast every Monday to have a son and worshipped Lord Shiva and Parvati Ji with full devotion. Seeing her dedication, one day Maa Parvati became happy and requested Lord Shiva to fulfil the wishes of that money lender. Hearing the desire of Parvati Ji, Lord Shiva said ‘O Parvati, every creature in this world gets the fruits of his deeds and the fate he has to suffer’, but Parvati Ji has to respect the devotion of the moneylender. Expressed his desire to fulfil his wishes. On the request of Mata Parvati, Shivji handed over a boon to the moneylender but also said that the age of his child would be twelve years only. The moneylender heard the conversation of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva. He was not happy o sad about this. He continued to worship Shiva as before.

After some time, a son is born in the moneylender, when the child was eleven years old, he was sent to Kashi. The moneylender approached the maternal uncle of the son and gave him money and said that you should take this child to attain Kashi Vidya and perform Yajna on your way. Wherever you perform the Yajna, go to Brahmins providing food and giving Dakshina. The uncles and nephews would serve Yajna in the same way and donate Dakshina to Brahmins and went towards Kashi. There was a city in the night where the daughter of the king of the town was married. The prince was about to marry Kana with a single eye. The prince thought of a plan to cover the fact that his son did not have a vision in one eye. Seeing the moneylender’s son, he got an idea. He thought, why don’t we make this boy a bride and make him marry the princess. Once, the marriage is over, I will give it away and will take the princess to her city. The boy ha has been married to the princess wearing the groom’s clothes. But the moneylender’s son was honest. He could not find this to be justified. He used the opportunity and was written on the foot of princess’s sardine, ‘You are married to me, but the prince with whom you will be sent would be Kana with a single eye. I am going to read Kashi.

When the princess read the things written on the sardine, she told her parents about this. The king did not leave his daughter. At the same time, the moneylender’s boy and his maternal uncle came to Kashi and performed a yajna. When he was 12 years old, a yajna was executed as well. The boy told his maternal uncle that his health is not right. And his Mama said that he has to go inside and sleep. As per Shiva’s boon, the child’s life went out in a while. Seeing the dead nephew, his maternal uncle began mourning. And at the same time, Shiva and Mata Parvati were leaving. Parvati said to God- Swami, I cannot bear the cry. You should remove this person’s suffering. When Shivji reached onto the dead boy, said that he is the son of the moneylender, whom he had given the boon of 12 years of age. Now its period has been completed, but motherly Parvati said, O Goddess, please please give more age to this child, Mahadev. Otherwise, its parents will also die yearning in isolation. At the insistence of Mata Parvati, Lord Shiva gave the boy a boon to be alive. By the grace of Shiva, that boy was busy. After complete education, the boy went to his city with his maternal uncle. Both of them walked to the same town where they were married. He performed a yagna in that city. The boy’s father-in-law recognized and took him to the palace and took care of him and sent his daughter off.

Sawan Ke Somvar Ki Vrat Katha in Hindi

It has been mentioned in our Puranas that worshipping Lord Shiva on Monday gives unique benefits and Monday Shiva is very much liked and Shravan month is very dear to Lord Shiva. Therefore Mondays coming in Shravan month are special. On this day, Lord Shiva fulfils the desires of the mind by worshipping Lord Shiva with steadfast loyalty and clean mind. It is also mentioned in Garuda Purana that on the Monday of Sawan, Lord Bholenath is very kind and on this day every wish sought from Bholenath is fulfilled. On these Mondays of Sawan, many demons also acquired many brides from Lord Shiva.


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