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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the nation as the country records a declining trend of Covid-19 cases.
Here are the highlights:
* India is witnessing the second wave of Covid-19 and we are still fighting.
* This is the biggest epidemic in the last hundred years, it is a tragedy. The modern world had neither seen nor experienced such an epidemic. Our country has fought together on many fronts with such a big global pandemic.
* During the second wave, the demand for medical oxygen in India increased unimaginably in April and May. Never in India’s history the need for medical oxygen been felt in such quantity.
* To meet this need, work was done on a war footing. All government machinery was engaged.
* Compared to the demand for vaccines all over the world today, the countries producing it and the companies making the vaccine are less.
* Imagine if we did not have a vaccine that was made in India, what would have happened today in a huge country like ours?
* If you look at the last 50-60 years of India, it used to take decades to get the vaccines that are developed abroad. We could not start vaccination in India even though the vaccine work has been completed abroad.
* India launched not one but two ‘Made in India’ vaccines within a year. Our scientists have shown that India is not lagging behind big countries. More than 23 crore vaccine doses have been administered in India.
* Due to the continuous efforts and hard work that the country has been doing, the supply of vaccine is going to increase in the coming days.
* Today seven companies in the country are producing different types of vaccines. The trial of three more vaccines is in an advanced stage.
* The 25 per cent of the vaccination drive work which was with the states will now be done by the Centre. In two weeks time, the Centre and state governments will make necessary preparations.
* None of the state governments will have to spend anything on the vaccine. Till now crores of people of the country have got a free vaccine. Now people of 18 years of age will also join it.
* From June 21, the Centre will provide free Covid vaccine to all citizens above 18 years of age.

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