Piplup Pokemon Go: Know Piplup Pokemon Go Best Moveset, Where To Find?


Where To Find Piplup Pokemon Go? 

To find this water-type Pokemon, the users will need to roam around water bodies like lakes, rivers, dams and similar areas. It is common to see a number of Pokemons being available in areas they can survive in. Apart from this, the players have also been searching about Pokemon Go Piplup weaknesses, stats and other details. This is because it is extremely important to know the Pokemon in and out before heading into a battle with it. 

Best Moveset of Piplup Pokemon Go

In Piplup Pokemon Go, The best moves for Piplup are Bubble and Drill Peck when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. The highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

BUBBLE        – 12dps BUBBLE        -12dps
DRILL PECK – 28.3 dps DRILL PECK  -28.3 dps

Evolution of Piplup Pokemon Go

Evolution of piplup pokemon go , there are currently a total of 3 Pokémon in the Piplup family. Piplup evolves into Prinplup which costs 25 Candy, which then evolves into Empoleon costing 100 Candy.

Piplup is the unevolved form, It first evolves into its First Evolution using 25 Candy. Then it evolves into its Final Evolution a Water and Steel-type pokemon using 100 Candy. Their primary scaling attribute is Stamina.

Piplup Pokemon Go Overview 


  • Grass Type Pokemons

  • Electric Type Pokemons


  • Steel Type Pokemons

  • Fire Type Pokemons

  • Water Type Pokemons

  • Ice Type Pokemons

Base Stats

  • Max CP: 880

  • Max Level: 30 

  • Attack: 112

  • Defence: 103

  • Stamina: 106

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