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Navratri Rashifal 2020 – Check Complete List of Aaj Ka Rashifal, Ajker Rashifal Bengali 2020 Today, Details Here!

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Navratri is a Hindu festival which spans for nine nights and ten days. It is celebrated every year during the autumn and is observed for different reasons. There are four seasonal Navaratri and in practice, the post-monsoon autumn festival is called the Sharadha Navaratri, which is observed the most in the honour of the divine feminine, Devi Durga. It is been celebrated in the brighter half of the Hindu Calendar, which is called the month Ashvin, that typically falls in the Gregorian months of September and October. Navaratri speaks about the great battle between the most powerful demon Mahishasura and Goddess Durga. Every year, on each day of Navaratri, devotees worship Goddess Durga, celebrating the day of her victory over Mahishasura, which is the ultimate victory of Good over the Evil. 

Navratri Rashifal 2020: The Navratri Festival is going to start tomorrow, i.e. on October 17. However, like every time due to corona infection, Navratri festival will not be celebrated this time. There are many rituals to be followed for Durga Puja. People will not be able to participate in the Navratri festival this time with the same enthusiasm. Still, you will be happy to know that this time the position of most planets during Navratri is auspicious and it will be auspicious for most zodiac signs. According to astrology, the Sun will enter Libra on October 1 October 17 Navadurga. On the 17th, Mercury and Moon will also be sitting in Libra. Chandra will enter Scorpio on the 18th, but the Buddha-yoga of Sun-Mercury will remain in full Navratri. During this time, the movement of planets on 12 zodiac signs will have such effect. 

Aries – Marriage totals are for this zodiac sign. You will get success in love. Is. Be patient. The ruling party may cause some trouble. Give water to Suryadev. Keep a copperplate with you.

Taurus: People with Taurus signs will get victory over enemies. If you are suffering from diseases etc. they will also benefit. You will get the blessings of high officials. Will get political benefits. Good news will be received. Give water to Suryadev.

Gemini – Children are the sum of happiness. Promotion and money can be found in the job. There are signs of victory in Court Court. Donate something made of copper.

Cancer – A mother will get happiness and fame will increase. You will gain respect with success in work. Read Durga Chalisa daily. Will remain religious. Will not feel energized. Keep the red object nearby. See Lord Shiva.

Leo – As expected, you will get fruits. Brother will help. Sow Navratri Jowar There will be no significant loss. Physical injury may occur. Can get into some trouble. Donate milk to Lord Shiva’s temple.

Virgo – Permanent wealth can be beneficial, or wealth growth is being made. Donate fruits by worshipping the girl. Education is a good time for those associated with the profession—control mental instability. There will be new employment opportunities. Donate gram lentils to a poor person.

Libra: Happy news can be found for this sign. Worship a 3-year-old girl. Opponents will try to dominate but will bow down. Donate the yellow item to Vishnu temple.

Scorpio: Earnings may decrease with unnecessary expenses. Offer honey to the goddess. Spend time writing and reading. Add saffron tilak. Keep the yellow object nearby. Visit Bajrang Bali

Dhanu: This Navratri will be beneficial. Income may increase. Offer Coconut to mother Durga and add sugar to the black ant. Pay attention to your health. Offer any yellow item. Offer water to Suryadev.

Capricorn – Navratri is perfect for this amount. Offer five types of fruits in the temple of Maa Durga. If you’re going to implement something, do it. Salute Shani Dev.

Aquarius – time increases luck for this amount. Pending works will be completed. Read 32 names of Maa Durga both times. Do not use inauspicious words. Also worship Lord Ganesha.

Pisces: Be careful while using the vehicle. There are chances of accidents. Enemies can cause problems. Overcome unknown fears.

Ajker Rashifal Bengali 2020 Today

The rashifal listed below is according to the Bengali rashifal Today. Read the Ajker Rashifal Bengali 2020 Today and know more about your day today. 

Today’s Rashifal

 Aries – people should not be careless about work today. Try to complete tasks on time. The native of Taurus can achieve success today. If you are making any effort to change jobs, you can get good news. Work carefully in the field of business on this day with a Gemini sign. In haste, work can also go wrong.

Aries – There is a need to increase the responsibility and credibility regarding functioning today. Ongoing negligence can spoil your work. People working in police jobs and military departments will have good luck, and they will be able to earn a name on the strength of better work. If the traders are working in partnership, there is a possibility of estrangement from the partner. Students will need to work harder for the expected result. Problems of teeth can come in health, take good care of them. Spouse if you want to start a startup then this time is right for them. Today planning will be beneficial for the purchase of electronics.

Taurus – You should be ready to run at full speed on this day. Talking about the officia conditions, if the people who want to change the job, then the time is right, if they get reasonable offers then it will be beneficial to move forward, on the other hand, those working in the insurance company will have to increase their focus on meeting their target. If you are doing business, then this is the time to make a good profit by increasing investment. There is a possibility of hearing from some customers. Youth groups should focus on their association and education. Stomach problems in health can be disturbing. There may be tension in married life, try to increase the coordination.

Gemini – On this day, the business class will have to work a little wisely. Otherwise they can miss the profits. If you are the owner of a hotel or restaurant, then the days are likely to be good. If there is any thought to change the business, then it is an excellent time to change. Parents should pay attention to their young children, sound learning and education given to them at this time will be beneficial for the future. Those who have trouble forgetting, they should practise meditation, it will be easy to concentrate. For those who are not married, there is a possibility of a good relationship.

Cancer – On this day, your behaviour and manner of speech will attract others. But if laziness increases, then the work done can also get worse. Today is auspicious for those who are interested in singing and music. If there is going to be a difficult phase in the livelihood sector, then there can be trouble and increasing today. Traders are prone to sudden gains. The youth will need to focus on their career, and the students will need to focus on weak subjects. The day is going to be standard regarding health. If possible, bring some plants at home, this will give you peace.

Singh- On this day, while your amenities will increase on the one hand, on the other hand, there is a full possibility of increasing the resources of luxury. Make full use of technology in the office. If you are lending money on interest to someone, then you will be able to earn a good profit in return. Those doing the business of medicines need to be a little alert. Youngsters and students should keep essential notes. Diabetes patients in health problems improve their daily routine. There is a possibility of getting sad news about family or relatives. Do not disappoint if someone comes to you for help from the neighbourhood.

Virgo- Calm you and concentrate. Opponents will try to create a situation of the dispute by provoking you. Do not choose any wrong way to earn a profit. If you are doing a job, then implement the things of the boss with utmost urgency. Do not break any rules during work. People who do the business of gift items or decorations, will get good profits. Students need to increase their focus on studies, time is right, and success can be achieved soon. Those who have just undergone an operation in health, they need to remain alert. Religious rituals will be planned in the house.

Libra – Today is the day to get profit. Keep the mind and heart fully active, but keep in mind that there is no shortcut to be adopted. If you are investing in the stock market, then do not blindly invest big money to get more profit. The office conditions will be like yesterday. The day is going to be very beneficial for business planning. Youth who are looking for jobs will get good news. In health-related problems, you may feel back pain or discomfort in the joints of the feet, be aware that patients are struggling with this. If the father has a BP problem, then advise him to remain alert. Other environments will be suitable.

Scorpio- Give more and more time to loved ones today. If there is anything in the heart, you will be able to find a solution by sharing it with your loved ones immediately. You will win people’s hearts by talking with sincerity and love, but keep in mind not to be too emotional. People doing government jobs are likely to get promotions, people who want to open a cosmetic related company or do business, they will get good profits. Avoid stale food or junk food in health. If there are small children in the house, then they should give books for studies.

Dhanu – Today is the day of knowledge for you. Try to complete vacation studies for some reason; it is not right to consider yourself away from responsibilities. Take the initiative yourself and follow them. If you are doing work related to sales, then keep the target set. If you are connected in the education sector, then there will be new opportunities. Want to increase business, use technology, it will also need to increase publicity. If travelling somewhere, there may be health-related problems. Stay alert. Keep both medicines and routines regular. If you want to invest big, do it on land or house, it will be beneficial.

Capricorn- On this day, you will have positive energy and enthusiasm. Find ways to increase body weight loss for fitness. Talking about official conditions, some changes are expected today, and it is possible that your team leader may change. Government work can be done, do not give up trying. To increase new business, your contacts have to be strengthened. For this, if you have to have a meeting etc., you should not back down. Chronic diseases will cause problems for health. Keep regular on medicine and food—the good news of someone’s promotion in the family. Especially auspicious information will be received from children. Today is the day to become spoiled. You will be completing your pending work on time. Be cautious about the job. Negligence will not be right for the moment. If a matter related to livelihood is in the court-court, then new avenues will be opened for it. Talking about business, those who are doing religious books will get good profits, on the other hand, if you are in the electronics business, then there is still hope for better yields. An environment of high anxiety or stress is not suitable for health. Try to keep yourself calm. There is a possibility of spoiling some valuables in the house.

Pisces – On this day, quickness in work and reflexes in performance will reach success. You may also have to do a bit of running for work. Do not take a loan for amenities; it would be appropriate to use a credit card too carefully. Seniors will get support in big office projects, if they get stuck, then seek help from them. The business class will get the benefit of luck. Investment can increase. The youth need to control their anger. There are possibilities of infection in the ear due to health. There may be a sudden decline in the health of the spouse, take care.

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